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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Data Collection

We shall only collect your necessary personal information with the consent ONLY during the account registration through our website ( The information collected shall be in consistent with your actual identity as per NRIC/Passport.

Data Processing

The personal information collected are used to for the purposes of you as the customer’s profile information, product ordering processes, billing information, payment and delivery processes and also update to you as our customer for the latest product & pricing as well as variety of promotion activity.

Change of Policy

We have the right to make any changes/updates to the policy when necessary without any prior consent from you. You may always refer to our company official website ( for the latest policy.

Confidentiality & Security

All sensitive personal information and identification such as names, date of birth, contact numbers, housing address, bank cards, bank account numbers as well as other related information will remain as high confidential and never reveal nor sharing to any third party without your consent. We do in place appropriate network security to prevent information leakage to avoid any illegal usage by unauthorised users but there is no guarantee for information leakage when it is beyond our control.


Our website was created with due diligence and to the best of our knowledge. However, there is no any guaranty that the information disclose from our website is completely error-free.

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