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About Us

How It Began

SG Jewels was established back in 2007, a family owned and operated business. It began from a humble little shop named Kam Loo Enterprise, located at Puchong. We concentrate on our quality craftsmanship and customers’ satisfaction. 

Gold, symbolizes wealth and riches in Chinese culture, which is the same in Western culture. In fact, no matter where you are in the world, gold represents wealth. Our aim is to bring traditional gold jewelry to the modern era, stylish and luxurious yet affordable for everyone. 

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We believe handmade goods have an expressive, soulful quality that can’t be replicated any other way. SG Jewels has become synonymous with craftsmanship. Each piece of SG Jewels jewelry is hand fashioned, thoroughly inspected, and reviewed to ensure the finished product meets exacting standards. We only source our gold metals through ethical partners, illustrating our commitment to sustainability and establishing us as stewards for the communities that influence our designs.



We believe you should know where your jewelry is made and under what conditions. It’s no secret that we work with one of the best manufactures in the industry, who commit to ethical practices and our high quality standards. Every piece is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail by master goldsmiths.

Fair Pricing

Unlike traditional retailers that tend to markup their prices, we keep our price low. We bridge the gap between quality jewelry and affordability so you can enjoy the same top-notch craftsmanship as high-end brands, but at a fraction of the price.

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